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The Original

Collapsable Pot designed for Black Cod

 CodCoil is a new and effective approach to longline pot fishing. The collapsable trap quickly turns any boat into a pot boat, and frees up deck space on boats already fishing large rigid pots.


Designed by fishermen for fishermen, our goal is to offer an easy conversion on any size boat to a highly productive, cost-efficient, safe and whaleproof gear type for operations of all sizes.

CodCoil vs. Longline

 Can clip directly to existing long line ground line- easy conversion from long line to CodCoil

  •  Feed your family not whales!

  •  Higher profit due to reduced bait cost

  • Less effort for crew

  • More sustainable for the fishery-minimize      loss  to whales

  • Easy for as few as two people to run, stack and reset

  • If you can longline now you can pot fish with CodCoil 

CodCoil vs. Rigid Pots

  • ​Light collapsable design lets you  fish at least 3x more pots 

  • Opens pot fishing to boats as small as 25ft

  • Allows easy substitution for any type of snap on or C -link gear

  • Pots stack efficiently on virtually any size boat

  • At less than 10lbs these pots can be easily handled by a  single deck hand

  • Safer for crew 

  • Pots partially collapse while being hauled, greatly reducing drag and increasing the number of pots that can be fished on a string 

  • Less expensive than rigid pots

  • Unlike large braided PE mesh, knotless web does not damage fish, good for fresh/live markets

  • Save money on hauler--can easily run gear with  a standard Dungeness crab block and 3/8” or 5/16” line

  • Easy to stack hundreds of pots when going back to port for delivery

Cool video from the crew of the Odin

Petersburg, Ak.



 CodCoil pots meet state and federal regulations. One original CodCoil with 500 liters internal volume weighs under 10 pounds fully rigged. Cod Coil wraps a custom-produced knotless UV-resistant polyethylene web around a premium quality hot dip galvanized steel coil frame to create a collapsible highly-effective fish trap. After extensive testing of various mesh types and sizes the  Cod Coil 500L is available in 1 inch half mesh knotless web.  The entrance funnel is made from a very light nylon material that is more effective than the heavy entrance material on other traps. Additional material for both is available upon request.

The current model CodCoil 500 is made of a hot dip galvanized steel frame in 6mm and is 27 inches in hoop diameter and 50 inches long. The internal volume is about 500 liters. This trap seems to fit 200-250 pounds of black cod in the round when fully stuffed in good fishing off SE Alaska. Off California we think good fishing is 60 pounds a trap average.

We also have traps in the same dimensions with significantly thicker frame material and thicker web available. 

We are also producing a larger, heavier version in  8mm frame material with heavier web. This trap is about twice the weight as the 500L version in 6mm wire but is 32 inches diameter and 60 inches long.

Please contact us for availability as there is currently a wait for the upgraded models.

Custom sizes, mesh specifications and entrance sizes are available upon request but require a few months lead time.

Ready, Set

Go Fish

Big Boat. Small Boat. Catch More Fish

The first boat to use this gear was a 25'

pilothouse with outboards.

Now many boats over 70' use this gear

in Alaska.

We have models and sizes for all vessel classes. Email or call for more info.


(978) 798-0419 (510) 565-0875

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you shortly

Want to get in on the future of long line pot fishing?  Outfit your boat with  CodCoil pots today!

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